Monday, February 1, 2010

Poems About A Horrible Face What Do You Think About My Poems???[4 Short Poems]PLZ READ AND COMMENT!!:)?

What do you think about my poems???[4 short poems]PLZ READ AND COMMENT!!:)? - poems about a horrible face

Tears (Hiaku)
Tears roll down my cheeks
Because I am a foot injury
I am in defeat

My love
My love for you is like blood through my Come
always present but never seen
The tattoo on the skin there is always forever
in time for eternity

Dying Wish
I'm sitting in this room
Surrounded by darkness
Razor blade in his hand
so close to Vien
to consider my fate
I hope you understand
So, if this is my last night
I have a death wish
Read my words of farewell letter
and give me your forgiveness

She told me to stop this
This would not be better, but has deteriorated
Sinking in quicksand
more and more with every cut
addictoin this is a Death Grip On Me
Excuse me, but what do you think that this time would help me?
final minutes, but the scars for a lifetime
I need help to kill this horrible addiction
U, I can not believe she sucks the blackSpiral hole with you.


  1. Oh my God
    Never better.
    I'm sorry hineingelegt and emotion ..
    U are only 12 ... unbelievable!
    I wish I could sell something like a day to write.
    U are the perfect poet.

  2. The first is good, my second favorite because it is very romantic and sound like beautiful.The two suicide bombers notes, and that is worrying. Here you will find the words and metaphors, to show the feelings that are not so sound sad.That the mud like a sad letter.

  3. Yes, they are good, I hope it's true, if you know, this is obviously not good or good, and hopefully the help they need. Well, as poetry is very good, and show real talent, keep up the good work.

  4. They are very good. You made me think I like it.
    They have very good pictures and vocabulary.
    They are very deep and promise for a period of twelve years, a lot. If all that a poet could become as a profession!

    I like to visit some of my poems and see if you write more. please visit:

  5. I think they are a little on the negative side.

  6. I love your poems sound and 4 in the 12 years old, loved

  7. Pretty good for 12 Keep it up!

  8. The poems are deep enough that he wrote. There are a lot better than I ever write!