Saturday, February 6, 2010

Producing Too Much Blood Has Anyone Ever Heard Of The Human Body Producing Too Much Blood?

Has anyone ever heard of the human body producing too much blood? - producing too much blood

My mother-in-law says that the body produces too much blood each month to go and have eliminated the extra blood, it was heard of him? I'm not saying that she is lying, I can not quite understand what you mean by that. When I ask how you call it, she simply says she has too much blood. I hope someone can help me understand this. Thanks


  1. I found this story from someone who is too much blood, too, I hope this helps. ...

  2. This condition is called polycythemia. This can cause health problems such as respiratory problems (dyspnea), headache, dizziness, fatigue and weakness. The procedure is as therapeutic bleeding, a procedure similar to donating blood unless the blood can not be reused.

  3. The disorrder polyycythemia mentioned. It controls blood is taken regularly.