Sunday, February 14, 2010

Small Vigina Pain I I Tore My Labia Minora During Delivery And My Doc Saw It Under My Labia Majora Deforming My LM, Is It Normal

I i tore my labia minora during delivery and my doc saw it under my labia majora deforming my LM, is it normal - small vigina pain

My labia minora is rigth now half the size of the left Venn is broken in my mouth and covered myself with others, I still feel pain, burning in the area, where it is appropriate, when I visited my doc, who said Tha other women lips, but then I realized I took a piece of skin to another place and the rest depends stitch, it is malpractice?

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  1. Go to another doctor and get a second opinion.
    The women tear during the birth - it happens. She did not say how much time passed since delivery, but not normal gobbered all this way. Getting a second opinion.