Thursday, February 4, 2010

Morrowind Level Expansions Morrowind- What Level Do I Need To Be Before Starting The BloodMoon Expansion?

Morrowind- What level do I need to be before starting the BloodMoon expansion? - morrowind level expansions

On level 10 now. But I'm a big fan of the game is forgotten and everything can be forgotten. So I mainly bought Morrowind GOTY function Bloodmoon werewolf. But when I start, and actually played, without being too dominant?

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  1. Here is a quote from an interview with Bethesda on the Bloodmoon expansion:

    "Jonric: What is the character is maintained? Have you any idea how long it takes to take a player to play Bloodmoon is quite directly:" And for those who explore how?

    Ashley Cheng: court below was hard enough for level 20 characters. We were more aware of leveling things Bloodmoon. Of course, if you complete the main quest, you must be quite high. But if you are for any person who want to explore every level, should be capable. "