Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Installation Was Interrupted Before Acronis True Image Server Could Be Installed Build 3854 Do You Really Need To Back Up Your System Before Installing Windows Xp Service Pack 2?

Do you really need to back up your system before installing windows xp service pack 2? - the installation was interrupted before acronis true image server could be installed build 3854

someone in the house arrest of installing Service Pack 2. I had to uninstall and "Contact." I suspect that uninstalling and reinstalling is. so I uninstall and reboot if you changed the screen resolution. assumes that you are uninstalling the complete package of services, everything you need to do to install SP2. My father was connected to the "backup of your system" part, and I think it is uneccessary care. "If you really need a backup of your system before you install Windows XP SP2?


  1. Not necessarily, I've lost a few times without anything, because everyone I did the update, white, but it could still go wrong for what is probably a good precaution.

  2. Not required, but you might want to be careful and not disturb solved in the future.