Sunday, January 31, 2010

Listerine Pocket Packs Holder Is There A Way To Make A Sore Throat Go Away In A Day?

Is there a way to make a sore throat go away in a day? - listerine pocket packs holder

I will not be absent from school tomorrow, but when my throat hurts this bad, then you may have.
I tried mouthwash and gargle with salt water. It did not help.
Also, I tried these strips Chloraseptic (how things Listerine Pocket Pack) and not at all helpful.

(Streptococcal angina It'snot.)



  1. take a pill of vitamin C, drink lots of water and orange juice and eat a spoonful of honey 4 times per day. I do this always, and usually not good if heklps but I did not come to me when scratching my neck really bad, but could prove work.good luck!

  2. Warm water in the salt mixture. I do not know you will not burn in the throat. Gargling with him, you think, til Your'e sick.
    Repeat every 1-2 hours.
    Drink a ton of water (tea, orange juice, etc., but not sodium).
    Take ibuprofen (Tylenol, whatever).
    VAPO Rub Vicks rub on the outside of the throat.

    If I have a sore throat, I really would like a thunderclap Goldschlager cinnamon or any other brand of liqueur. Then you go to bed!

  3. Honey dissolved in hot water. Can heal efficiently and effectively sorethroats little flu. Get Well Soon. = D

  4. Ice helped me get through the cold ... and ginger tea for soothin ...

  5. Try Threbthrill to chew for a few minutes, then u will feel better.