Friday, February 12, 2010

Brazilian Waxing Vdi What Is The Advantage Of Brazilian Waxing To The Lazer Hair Removal?

What is the advantage of brazilian waxing to the lazer hair removal? - brazilian waxing vdi

Tell me the benefits of laser hair removal brazilian hair. I really need to know.


  1. The advantage of a Brazilian wax? And lower costs when compared to laser hair removal and the result immediately. In laser treatment, which is more than one treatment is required.

    Although the Brazilian Waxing provides immediate results in a few months, the unwanted hair will be back. In laser treatment, there are treatments for laser hair removal can cause permanent hair removal.

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  2. Removel Lazer hair is big, Neva theres ur hair will not grow again need to shave ur eyes or eyebrows Gouge. I loved what he did not fall, but none of them even ask to take a razor.

    Brazilian wax is good, but it hurts like hell, theres no way to use it hurts to get every time! But it makes you soft lovly, but unfortunately, BK is growing after a while

    both very good, but id go for the lazer!

  3. The Brazilian wax is the best wax, but it hurts like hell. Not so much expensive.Its quick.U if u see urself moved frombegginers time.
    Lazer is a shame, but the time just a pain.u ll be never Pluk / Wax / ll ur hair shaved again.There hair. And Its too expensive.

  4. Brazilian uuuuuh It's All Gone temporarily lazer approximately 6 months

  5. Time. He takes all the hair. Laser hair removal is not short. can not all hairs. and his face Fugges