Thursday, February 11, 2010

Where To Sell Online Where Can I Sell Old Books Online?

Where can I sell old books online? - where to sell online

I met some old (1900), while going through the books in my parents' house. Is there a place on the track, where I can get books of value and may sell online?


  1. Research:, (note the category of rare books to choose from right), enter the title in Google takes you to the Google Book Search Froogle. com (I assume that they are in English, foreign research will differ.)

    You can send a professional to sell books on consignment to ask whether they are useful to demonstrate a market for specialists and to the Commission that it would be necessary. You can also sell on eBay or Amazon. It is important that all information that you see on the books, their condition, photographs, etc. (Amazon if the book does not have in their catalog, you create a page when it is available to non - market traders .) If the list has the right keywords and / or categorizationis essential.