Monday, January 18, 2010

Female Masturbation Statistics Female Masturbation Statistics?

Female masturbation statistics? - female masturbation statistics

I If you know that if a man is 14 years old, is a diary with his penis, but they say that women of 15-16? Ideas?


  1. Masturbating women not only talk, because there are people among. But in general, most women aged 15 or 16 years masturbated on a fairly regular basis. Of course, if you ask them, they deny it, but most girls masturbate. Probably not as often as boys, but still quite common.

  2. I think most girls at least try, 15-16. Openly discuss Arent girls with boys are what masturbation as appropriate to do so. yes:)

  3. Women and girls no more or the same men as children, but women never speak about it. I started to masturbate regularly when he was 14.