Saturday, January 23, 2010

Magellan Roadmate Italy Why Is My Magellan Roadmate 2000 Interfering With My Radio When Plugged Into The Cigarette Lighter?

Why is my Magellan Roadmate 2000 interfering with my radio when plugged into the cigarette lighter? - magellan roadmate italy

I have a Magellan Maestro 2000 GPS car (got it for Christmas). He digs suction on the windshield, and has a cigarette lighter adapter for power.

When the adapter is both a cigarette lighter and connected the device, my radio FM and AM further statick√Ĺ with strange beeps, and others. Once the adapter from each unit or cigarette lighter, he stops.

Obviously, causing power disruptions or something, but that's normal? Is something broken or not working? Customer support is practically non-existent for Magellan I''ve gone, is the second-best solution ... the people! Thank you for your help.


  1. Hertz is the answer, will probably operate in the same megahertz listening to the radio. Check the soil into the outlet, cigarette ash, potentially making a bad connection too .. Many disrupt plant equipment electrical accessories and radios and cell phones can cause noise on the speakers in the newer vehicles. Good luck.

  2. This should not do that. Try the device and if this continues, I return it. My discussions on Magellan remains limited.

    Good luck!