Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cataract Implants I Had Cataract Implant In August, It Has Not Gone Well. I Have Continual Irritation And It Is Still Bloodshot?

I had cataract implant in August, it has not gone well. I have continual irritation and it is still bloodshot? - cataract implants

I have an appointment on 20 November, but it seems so long to wait. When I go to the hospital sooner, they will think I'm going to a pest. Help! What should I do?


  1. We mourn the loss of their star. DONT go to Dr. concern a pest you are not entitled to medical care that you have the implant, and theres absolutely Sornas but should soon be able to take some time to subside when the procedure was a little difficult to cut and then throws a little deeper than at any time Opps makes some better than others. "But the cure is worse that there are some damages, because I dare to say MALPRACTACE. I hope not, but in any case, the doctor will not asnwer about his troubles and need help with the eye or eyes. If not, the Inplant The problem is, then other damage should heal, or may need to do / PPO Inplant again .. During that time, drinking alcohol and leave to reduce the consumption of tea and coffee, because these things can dry your eyes and it will not improve the diet and can help small beheaded stay away from his vision. Keep your eyes covered and do not always wear sun visors too brightly lit. Use an anti-glare screen to your computer or spidersWN contrast / brightness and take regular breaks and television it ..

  2. my mother's eyes done.her receiving blood transfusions shot.and they only have him another look solution.i think there were antibiotics it.idk.

  3. Can you to another doc?