Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cricket Bat Tape How Can I Remove Fiberglass Tape Off My Cricket Bat Because It Wont Peel Off?

How can i remove fiberglass tape off my cricket bat because it wont peel off? - cricket bat tape

You have to keep the wide band of fiber too. What is the reason?


  1. I took the lid off my stick, I have the bat with the top few games and I did not feel, however, that one way to hit the bat was when I "I have only removed lubrication of the bat and was ready to 2 years ago and is still doing well.

    You can remove them just need patience, I have a knife in his face and moves gently up and down the bat, remove the cover, which takes place after the bat is still sticky, then sand the bat and again until there is more sticky, and I had a new face of the bat, then I'll lightly oiled the bat, then another layer of light for a few days later, and the bat was great.

    Is All the best mate, but as I said, cautiously, because the last thing I want to do to put a break in a bat, or cause damage.