Friday, November 6, 2009

Yeast Infection Treatment More Condition_symptoms Weird Smell After Yeast Infection Treatment?

Weird smell after yeast infection treatment? - yeast infection treatment more condition_symptoms

I had a yeast infection, and then took one days of treatment, the things 1st 2 days after my symptoms disappeared. but that has now been 5 days and I have this weird smell and I am very wet and the download is a little yellow, but not in the foreground? It is not bad, but not normal. Drug is still draining and there, or what? If the treatment I BV, or what? Help!


  1. I think you have yeast infection!

    If you really want to get rid of yeast infection, you should follow these tips - it worked for me:

    1) eat yogurt! It contains helpful bacteria (live cultures, including acidophilus and bifidus) that destroy yeast. Use only plain yogurt with active cultures.

    2) shower with a solution of 1 to 3 tablespoons. Vinegar in a quart of water. Repeat once a day, while the symptoms, but no more than a week.

    3) Reduce or eliminate sugar and sugary foods. Sugar, yeast promotes growth.

    4) Use a clove of garlic suppositories. Garlic contains anti-fungal agent.

    5) must also be a treatment plant. In this case, Yeastrol is very good (probably better) product that is free of yeast infection relatively quickly and you feel more confident that used to appear again!
    And of course it's better if you use the bike path (5 months - if I remember correctly). It has very quickly with me, and fungal infections, which I more (almost 2 years) ...

  2. Every nurse and gynecologist, I asked about the treatment of yeast told me to take home 5 days to rates and shorter treatments are not as effective.

    Thus, you must repeat the treatment, but treatment for at least 3 days.

    Moreover, the reduction of sugar, fruit juices, etc., in your diet. The yeast eats sugar, so if some of the sources of food aid may be cut.