Sunday, November 8, 2009

Heat How Can The Specific Heat Be Characterized For A Material That Heats Up Quickly?

How can the specific heat be characterized for a material that heats up quickly? - heat

What is the specific heat is generated by a material that heats quickly labeled?
a. It has a low specific heat.
b. It has a high specific heat.
c. It is impossible to do this process.

Logically thinking, if heated rapidly, it is likely to cool quickly, which means it has a low specific heat.
However, I have never been the physical logic. Tan
Please help?

I really need to answer. Thus the remaining issues will be much easier in my work.


  1. b. It has a high specific heat.
    Think of it as thermal conductivity. If it is high is a good conductor of heat. Fiberglass insulation and heat / air ar not good.

  2. Search in units of heat capacity. D. Browse the Delta E = mc you see how it relates. Try to see the values of the equation, how it behaves, how to change the variables.