Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What Is Cervical Mucous Like Right Before Your Period Starts Am I Crazy?can You Ovulate A Few Days Before Your Period?

Am i crazy?can you ovulate a few days before your period? - what is cervical mucous like right before your period starts

I have the wierdest place I swear! Ive been TTC for over a year and about 9 months ago I had ovulation tests and they were more supposibly ovulation. I stayed here because I do not feel they were heres the question, I thought I was ovulating on the 16th, which is typical when my cycle from 1 usually start months. I looked at my cervical mucus and extended sizes! me and my husband had had sex, etc. .. Well, I went to the bathroom like 30 minutes, my cervical mucus is so tough, I can ovualting really new? What's happening? Is that why I havent concieved? Can I ovulate a few days before my period? in trying to go the store and buy an ovulation kit, but first I want to know if this is possible? Can I prego a few days before my period? ovualte are a couple of times a month?

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