Friday, November 13, 2009

Obsessive Thinking More Condition_symptoms Can St Johns Wort Help My Panic Attacks And Obsessive Thinking?

Can St Johns Wort help my panic attacks and obsessive thinking? - obsessive thinking more condition_symptoms

Two groups of studies on the herb St. John's fired two different conclusions:

- It is very effective in the treatment of depression, but not as effective as standard therapies, including other drugs and psychotherapy

- The study of their effectiveness is questionable and is not compatible with current usage

Therefore, there is at least one proposal in the treatment of depression to be effective, but much less evidence in the treatment of a mental disorder.

Interestingly, the idea of using St. John's concern that treatment with antidepressants and psychotherapy of depression, the most effective therapy seems to fear. However, assume that the herb St. John is also active against terror is speculation.

As always, discuss these questions with your doctor.

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