Saturday, November 7, 2009

Stomach Flu In Phoenix, Az Is Anyone Else Concerned About The Stomach Flu That Is Going Around?

Is anyone else concerned about the stomach flu that is going around? - stomach flu in phoenix, az

I was a little worried because I live in Phoenix, AZ, and it seems a strange phenomenon, infection of the stomach is now. My daughter with my whole family and the family of his father. When I arrived, I landed to the hospital staff told me that was about 70% of patients with gastrointestinal infection. So I'm curious if anyone else has seen and what could be the cause. What worries me, because my daughter (age 1) for the second time now. I thought after he was the first time, his immune system is stronger for the fight. I am also afraid because, for the second time that I can catch you again.

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  1. Ministry of Camp RevivalismNovember 7, 2009 at 10:37 AM

    It will be okay, honey. I have a son and always has something and move me or the woman.
    Yes, you can start again, it could be another strain of the virus itself and its immunity must learn to deal with such an effort.
    As frequently occurs, it must be something that is often used, is very likely contaminated food or maybe a public toilet and the middle of the pool.
    Make sure the additional strict hand-washing and dishwashing liquid is designed for high delay in the development and re-infestation of the virus or bacteria used.
    I'm sure you know the power of good old-fashioned chicken soup and toast for Tum-Tums pain.
    Avoid spicy foods, curry, sugar foods (especially ice cream, whatever they ask!), Sour foods (soda, again), dairy products, MSG and keep out of fiberglass (y as rice, bread and cereal to her menu for a time) for several days, and it should be all right as rain.
    If it is really painful, and perhaps catch a stomach ulcer, a physician. Mylanta peptobismal are very good and for the relief of pain, such as the stomach.
    My stomach is often shocking, as I have spicy food, but my stomach to the west-to-face love!
    This is my home remedy can never take the trouble to go to the doctor:
    I Chug '/ drink a glass of vodka (alcohol kills bacteria that cause ulcers, so that the stomach can auto-repair)
    Not recommended by doctors, but I do it all the time, take a maximum of Listerine (again, that kills the bacteria in the intestines)

    or very strong black tea without sugar (preferably Earl Gray, as bergamot oil calms the stomach), add the pepper can be a little crazy. Drink tea all in one sitting, but not be appropriate for the love of God Scald and wait until it is hot enough to drink, to Play!
    Try black pepper, as it is in your food such as ground black pepper contain a natural antiseptic all Asians eat unhygienic garbage and everyone is always what (I live in Asia, of course)?
    Keep the liquid and rinse the seeds of evil dirty poor as quickly as possible ", even if it means AD urinate 50 timesyes, at least not cystitis, right?
    More luck in love, I hope all of you to improve soon!