Saturday, December 19, 2009

Adding A Porch Onto A Trailer I Have A Question About Adding Onto A Trailer?

I have a question about adding onto a trailer? - adding a porch onto a trailer

I am a minor who does not know anything about housing and stuff. If I have a trailer that only 1 or 2 bedrooms and I wanted to add another bedroom, an enclosed porch in the back and an open porch on the front would could be done this way.
OK, it can act as blocks of concrete in the funds for the support and foundation, plywood and other wood such as oak floors, walls and ceilings with wood instead of a roof or using a tin roof at the back door and a bedroom and a cement block to Front Porch Funds for the support and the foundation of long rods made of wood such as oak or maple or something like plywood or other wood floors, wrap small pieces of wood vertically, like a door and then a certain type of wood or metal for the roof.
even if the work could you tell me what the woods (and metals, if necessary) would be the best and most profitable.

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